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CE L120mm DN200 Magnetic Oil Gauge

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CE L120mm DN200 Magnetic Oil Gauge
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Product Name: High Temperature And Pressure Magnetic Oil Gauge
Nominal Pressure:: PN2.5~PN40, PN40~PN320(x 0.1MPa)
Process Connection:: DN20~DN250/RF/14
Max Control Area: L120mm
Density: >0.45g/cm3
Meterial: 304,316L,1Cr18Ni9Ti
High Light:

DN200 Magnetic Oil Gauge


L120mm Magnetic Oil Gauge


DN200 magnetic oil level gauge

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Vacorda
Certification: ISO9001:2000/CE
Model Number: UHC-CJ
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box or as your request
Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Week
Product Description

CE L120mm DN200 Magnetic Oil Gauge

CE L120mm DN200 Magnetic Oil Gauge 0

The UHC type magnetic flap liquid level gauge is made up of measuring body,dual-colored display cylinder, ruler, top&low flange, magnetic ball and transmitter (4-20mA). Based on buoyance principle, the magnetic ball in the body of the level gauge is up or down with the liquid level
changing and makes dual-colored turning to show the level of medium. Each cylinder is with two-color axisymmetric structures. The distance of two cylinders is 10mm. Red side of display cylinder indicates liquid and white side display cylinder indicates air. Besides measuring liquid
level, it also could measure the interface of the two kinds of liquid.


Product Features
1. Simple structure, good stability and reliability.
2. Independent of medium’s physical and chemical states such as conductivity, dielectric constants, foam etc.
3. Appliable for all kinds of medium environment such as corrosive, toxic and explosive one.
4. Interface measurement or level measurement of 2 kinds of medium with different density.
5. Two-wire 4~20mADC signal output, 0.8’’ or 0.56” LED digital display.

Product Parameters

(1) Center-center distance: 150~6000mm
(2) Medium density: More than 0.45g/cm3
(3) Nominal pressure: PN2.5~PN40, PN40~PN320(x 0.1MPa)
(4) Material: SS304, 316L, PP, PTFE, or customized
(5)Operating temperature: -190 ~ +425 °C
(6) Process connection: DN20~DN80/RF/14,DN80~DN250/RF/14
(7)Indicator types:
A: Al &ABS flap cylinder B: Al flap plate
C: PVC ABS flap cylinder D: PP&ABS flap cylinder



(8) Structure of top chamber:

1.Welding cover

2.welding cover with M14*1.5 plug screw


4.flange with M14*1.5 plug screw

5.welding cover with DN20 flange

6.flange with DN20 flange

7.welding cover with air valve

8.flange with air valve


(9) Structure of bottom chamber:

1.flange cover

2.flange with drain plug screw

3.flange with DN20 welding tube

4.with DN20 flange

5.with needle/ball valve

(10)Protection class: IP65

(11)Application: Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, oil field, pharmaceuticals industry,

food, wine industry etc., suitable for level measurements under the environment of high/low

temp., high pressure, strong corrosion, toxicity.

Note: Basic type, top mounted type, heat tracing type, LPG specialized type, anti-corrosive

type, boiler steam specialized type etc, they have some differences in technical parameter.

Different pressure has different flange specification.



CE L120mm DN200 Magnetic Oil Gauge 1

Detailed Images

CE L120mm DN200 Magnetic Oil Gauge 2

Workshop and Processing

RS485 4-20mA Automatic Magnetic Water Tank Level Meter With Factory Price

RS485 4-20mA Automatic Magnetic Water Tank Level Meter With Factory Price


Principle of the remote magnetic flap level gauge
Because the remote magnetic flap level gauge is composed of a magnetic flap level gauge and a reed remote transmitter, combining the two components of the magnetic flap level gauge &1 introduces the working principle of the magnetic flap level gauge. The basic type of magnetic flap level gauge is a magnetic flap level gauge, also known as a magnetic float level gauge. Based on the structure of the connector, the principle of buoyancy and the magnetic coupling characteristics, real-time measurement of the liquid level is realized. When the liquid level in the measured container rises or falls, the magnetic float used to sense the change of the liquid level in the main measuring tube will also rise or fall. The permanent magnet steel in the float drives the magnetic flap outside the main measuring tube to flip 180&; 180 flux magnetic coupling; the two sides of the valve are painted with different colors (usually red and white) to indicate the position of the liquid level. When the liquid level in the container rises, the valve changes from white to red. When the liquid level in the container drops, the valve changes from red to white. The red and white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the liquid level in the container, so as to realize the accurate measurement and local display of the liquid level.


Problems in the production process such as materials and production process itself

Magnetism of magnetic flap or magnetic float is weakened
If the magnetic float is used for a long time, or the temperature is too high, or even exceeds the maximum use temperature that the magnetic steel can withstand, it will often cause the magnetic properties of the magnetic steel in the float to drop or demagnetize, resulting in a decrease in the magnetic coupling capacity of the magnetic float, making the flap unable to turn. Flip, or only part of the flip. Similarly, with the increase of the service life of the flip, the magnetic properties of the magnetic beads in the flip will also demagnetize, which will cause the self-locking force between the magnetic flips to decrease and the phenomenon of flipping.

Small air bubbles entering the measurement room interfere with normal instructions
In the closed pipeline of normal production, sometimes many bubbles of different sizes will be mixed in a certain liquid phase, and even a "gas phase" will be produced in severe cases. The appearance of the mixed gas phase in these liquid phases will change with changes in production. If the relative position of the feed line of a device equipped with a magnetic flap level gauge and the level gauge is conducive to the entry of bubbles into the liquid When the liquid phase mixed with the gas phase enters the device, the gas phase will enter the measurement chamber of the magnetic flap level gauge. If some small bubbles enter, due to the medium in the measurement chamber of the magnetic flap level gauge When the density changes, the buoyancy force of the float will change, and the position of the float will change. The liquid level value indicated by the indicator of the magnetic flap level gauge will produce a large or small error, which interferes with the magnetic flap Normal indication of level gauge.

Problems in the use of magnetic flap level gauge for measuring special media, etc. When measuring the liquid level of liquefied hydrocarbon easily vaporized medium with a magnetic flap liquid level gauge, under stable conditions, the gas and liquid phases of the measured medium are transformed into equilibrium. At this time, if the liquid is drawn from the storage tank, the upper space of the liquid surface increases and the pressure of the gas phase decreases, and a large number of bubbles are generated in the heat tracing portion of the liquid vaporization section. Small bubbles converge into large bubbles during the ascent. Entering the measurement chamber of the magnetic flap level gauge may cause an ascending gas phase. When the gas phase encounters the float during the ascent, the gas phase should pass around the float. At the same time, the speed of the float moves too fast and is outside the measurement chamber. Of the indicator loses its magnetic connection, causing "random magnetism".

Furthermore, the working conditions on the job site are harsh, and large vibrations or interference with magnetic fields can also cause the film to turn over. This is because if the vibration on the job site is large, when the vibration force overcomes the self-locking force between the flaps, it will cause the flaps to turn over randomly. If there is a strong magnetic field around the meter, the magnets of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge or the magnetic float will be reduced, and the phenomenon of disordered turning will occur.


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