Stainless Steel Fluid Control 0.45g/Cm3 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Vacorda
Certification: ISO9001:2000/CE
Model Number: UHC-CJ
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0.45g/Cm3 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge


Fluid Control Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge


0.45g/Cm3 magnetic oil level indicator

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box or as your request
Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Week
Product Name: Stainless Steel Fluid Control 0.45g/Cm3 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge
Nominal Pressure:: PN2.5~PN40, PN40~PN320(x 0.1MPa)
Process Connection:: DN20~DN250/RF/14
Max Control Area: L-120mm
Density: >0.45g/cm3
Meterial: 304,316L,1Cr18Ni9Ti
Product Description

Stainless Steel Fluid Control 0.45g/Cm3 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge

Stainless Steel Fluid Control 0.45g/Cm3 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge 0

Product Description

VACORDA Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control level through a wide range of process pressures, temperatures, and fluids. Each component of the chamber, float, and indicator has been engineered to improve on existing designs to ensure reliable, maintenance-free operation right out of the crate. The level gauge can be coupled with types of magnetic, capacitance and magnetostrictive level transmitter and/or any hkd series level switch to provide control outputs configured to specific customer requests.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, oil field, pharmaceuticals industry, food, wine industry etc. suitable for level measurements under the environment of high/low temp., high pressure, strong corrosion, toxicity.
Stainless Steel Fluid Control 0.45g/Cm3 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge 1

Product Features

1. Simple structure, good stability and reliability.

2. Independent of medium’s physical and chemical states such as conductivity, dielectric constants, foam etc.

3. Appliable for all kinds of medium environment such as corrosive, toxic and explosive one.

4. Interface measurement or level measurement of 2 kinds of medium with different density.

5. Two-wire 4~20mADC signal output, 0.8’’ or 0.56” LED digital display.


Product Parameters

Center-center distance: 150~6000mm
Medium density: More than 0.45g/cm3
Nominal pressure: PN6~PN63(x 0.1MPa)
Material: SS304, 316L, PP, PTFE, or customized
Operating temperature: <80 °C
Process connection: Flange or customized
Indicator types:  
A: Al &ABS flap cylinder B: Al flap plate
C: PVC ABS flap cylinder D: PP&ABS flap cylinder
Structure of top chamber: 1.Welding cover 2.welding cover with M14*1.5 plug screw 3.flange 4.flange with M14*1.5 plug screw 5.welding cover with DN20 flange 6.flange with DN20 flange 7.welding cover with air valve 8.flange with air valve
Structure of bottom chamber: 1.flange cover 2.flange with drain plug screw 3.flange with DN20 welding tube 4.with DN20 flange 5.with needle/ball valve
Protection class: IP65
Detailed Images

Stainless Steel Fluid Control 0.45g/Cm3 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge 2


Fluid Control Magnetic Level Gauge For Liquid Level

Choose a manufacturer with good quality and good reputation to buy a magnetic level gauge. At present, the quality and price of magnetic flap liquid level gauges on the market are quite different, so-called penny and penny. In the selection of low-cost magnetic flap liquid level gauges, they tend to choose lower-priced materials, and the quality of these materials is difficult to guarantee. If the magnetic properties of magnetic steel and magnetic beads are not strong, the phenomenon of serious demagnetization will be reversed in a short time.
Not only that, the price difference of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge has a big difference in production process and product structure design, and the sealing is not good, so that small bubbles enter the measurement room and interfere with the normal indication.
Therefore, in order to avoid the above situation, try to buy from manufacturers with good quality and good reputation
In the process of use, should pay attention to the correct operating procedures. Generally speaking, in order to prevent the magnetic float from being damaged due to the up and down movement during transportation or transportation, the manufacturer will use the matching correction magnetic steel to attract the magnetic float on the outside of the main duct (with a color mark) when leaving the factory. Therefore, after receiving the product or installing it, the user should remove the correction magnet so that the float can move up and down with the liquid level. Before use, if the magnetic turning piece appears to be chaotic, use a corrected magnetic steel to attract it and the meter can work normally.

After the installation of the magnetic level gauge, use magnetic steel to calibrate, and guide the magnetic flap once, so that the display below the zero is red, and the display above the zero is white.

During operation, first open the upper tube valve, and then open the lower tube valve to allow the liquid medium to enter the main conduit smoothly, avoiding the liquid medium rising rapidly with the float, causing the magnetic flap to turn over or malfunction. (If this happens, you can use magnetic steel to recalibrate).


Workshop and Processing

RS485 4-20mA Automatic Magnetic Water Tank Level Meter With Factory Price

RS485 4-20mA Automatic Magnetic Water Tank Level Meter With Factory Price


The buoy in the container (developed according to different media and pressures) floats up and down with the change of the liquid level of the downcomer, and moves the magnet up and down into the upper tube through the top rod, so that the outer flap is turned over and turned in red. The two colors of white and white indicate the height of the liquid level. At the same time, the liquid level transmitter sends a liquid level signal to the control center for liquid level indication and control, and it can also be centrally monitored by a computer.

1. When the container is not suitable for side opening and the space around the container is very small, this type of level gauge can be installed on the upper or lower part of the container.
2. Suitable for high viscosity liquid medium
3. The viewing direction of the display can be changed arbitrarily.
4. Other features are the same as the flying saucer zone


Notes on choosing the top-mounted magnetic levitation level gauge:
1. Anti-corrosion nominal pressure &LE; 1.0MPa.
2. The level gauge has a certain blind zone. When reading the height of the level, the blind zone value compensation should be added (when the level gauge leaves the factory, the scale zero has been moved to the actual value).
3. The range of the level gauge should not exceed 5 meters, otherwise the stability, reliability and color fastness of the level gauge will be affected.
4. Install the connecting flange, which is usually manufactured by the protruding surface dimension reference (HG 21592-97).


Installation, use and maintenance of the top-mounted magnetic levitation level gauge:
1. The protection pipe of the level gauge and the main pipe must be kept vertical.
2. The connecting rod cannot be bent and must be inserted straight
3. After installation, use the magnet to guide the display to flip the column once, and the white is above zero and the red is below zero.

Precision instruments such as the maglev level gauge installed on the top must be selected according to the ratio of the three kinds of goods, otherwise it may cause irreparable errors. If you want to know more, welcome to visit our website for a long time.


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