High Viscosity Liquid Mixed Solidliquid V Cone Flow Meter For Water Sewage Gas Steam
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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: VACORDA
Certification: CE
Model Number: LGV
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Solidliquid V Cone Flow Meter


High Viscosity V Cone Flow Meter


V Cone Flow Meter For Sewage

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 15 - 25 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C, D/A, D/P, , MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 PC / month
Signal Output: 4 - 20 MA
Repeatability: ± 0.1%
Minimum Flow Velocity: 0.1 M
Operating Pressure: ≤ 16MPa , 42 MPa ( Maximum )
Operating Temperature: - 160 °C ~ 700 °C
Nominal Diameter: φ 15 ~ φ 2000 ( 1 / 2 " ~ 120 ")
Environment Temperature: ≤ 80 °C
Measuring Principle: Bernoulli Equation
Measuring Object: Closed Pipe
Product Description
High Viscosity Liquid Mixed Solidliquid V Cone Wedge Flow Meter For Water Sewage Gas And Steam

Product Description

1. Overview of V-cone Flowmeter
V-cone Flowmeter is a new differential pressure flow measuring instrument, which can measure all kinds of liquid, gas, steam and gas-liquid two-phase media. A cone is installed in the center of the conduit to throttle the flowmeter, and the flow is measured by measuring the differential pressure between the front and back of the cone. Compared with the traditional throttling element, the geometry of the cone has many advantages, so it is a new generation of throttling device. Simultaneous interpreting the V cone flowmeter with the traditional differential pressure flowmeter, the standard volume flow measurement system is composed of three valve groups, pressure guiding pipes, differential pressure transmitters and flow integrators. For compressible media such as gas and steam, temperature and pressure compensation can be realized to form a mass flow measurement system. With its superior performance, the flowmeter is suitable for different working environments, especially in the measurement of large flow, low pressure and high humidity gas, coke oven gas, natural gas and other dirty fluids in industrial production. V-cone Flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, long-distance pipeline network, thermal pipeline network, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, pharmacy, papermaking, food, aerospace and other industries.

2.Characteristics of V-cone Flowmeter
The purging design makes the V-cone Flowmeter have self-cleaning function and no retention area
No harsh straight pipe section requirements
The boundary layer effect makes the instrument wear-resistant, the throttling area stable for a long time and the signal stable
Suitable for gas-liquid two-phase measurement
The back pressure is stable and the relative pressure loss is small.

3.Main technical parameters of V-cone Flowmeter
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ dn2000mm
Repeatability: ± 0.1%
Nominal pressure: 1.6, 4.0, 10, 16, 25, 40MPa
Range ratio: 10:1
Accuracy: ± 0.5%
β Range: 0.45 ~ 0.85
Medium temperature: - 50 ℃ ~ + 700 ℃
Straight pipe section: 0 ~ 3D upstream and 0 ~ 1D downstream
Low pressure drop: close to Venturi
Good stability: the throttling area is stable for a long time and the signal is stable.

Product Parameters

(1)Long-term stability: ± 0.1% F.S / Y
(2)Output: 4~20mA
(3)Repeatability: ± 0.1%
(4)Minimum flow velocity: 0.1m
(5)Turndown ratio: Normally15:1; max50:1
(6)Reynolds number range: 8 × 103 ~ 5 × 106
(7)Operating pressure: ≤ 16MPa, 42MPa(maximum)
(8)Operating temperature: -160 °C ~ 700 °C
(9)Nominal diameter: φ15~φ2000 (1/2"~120")
(10)Environment temperature: ≤ 80 °C


Product Image

High Viscosity Liquid Mixed Solidliquid V Cone Flow Meter For Water Sewage Gas Steam 0


High Viscosity Liquid Mixed Solidliquid V Cone Flow Meter For Water Sewage Gas Steam 1

Working Principle:
V-cone flow meter is a differential pressure type flow measurement device. So far it is more than 100 years since all kinds of flow measurement device that based on pressure differential theory been used. Pressure differential theory is based on energy conversion principle in sealed piping, means that to the steady liquid, flux and flow velocity's square root is direct ratio. We know that pressure will reduce when velocity increase, when medium approaches to cone the pressure is P1, but when medium is passing to cone's throttled area, because passing area reduced, speed increased, pressure reduced to P2, both P1 and P2 are connected to differential pressure transformer through pressure mouth. When flow rate is changed, the pressure differential value will increase or decrease accordingly.

High Viscosity Liquid Mixed Solidliquid V Cone Flow Meter For Water Sewage Gas Steam 2

1.Low installation requirement: Rectifying behavior changes the velocity distribution, eliminating the eddy current and blind space. upstream straight pipe 0-30D, downstream straight pipe 0-1D. 2. Turndown ratio : 10:1 (usually);50:1(maximum)
3. Small pressure loss and signal stability: V-cone differential pressure signal is high-frequency low-amplitude signals. When the same β value, the pressure loss is 1/3~1/5 of orifice plate's and signal fluctuation is 1/10 of orifice plate's.
4.Strong resistance against wear: After the streamline V cone is throttled, the vacuum effect will be generated on the surface of V cone to keep the V cone from being worn easily.
5.Automatic cleaning, no block, no adhesion: the complete purging design of V cone avoids the settlement of residue, coagulation or particle.
6.Long-standing favorable stability: the value of β can remain the same for long and the accurateness in measurement can be ensured for a long period.
7.High precision and good repeatability: accuracy:±0.5% F.S; repeatability:±0.1% F.S
8.Wide range of the value of β: the unique geometrical shape of V cone flow sensor allows wide range of the value of β.
9.Type specification complete, multi-choice of installation:pipeline, flange tapping, wafer and plug-in.

10.Wide range of nominal diameter: φ15~φ2000 (1/2"~120")or customize.
11.The ability to measure high temperature and high-pressure medium:maximum working temperature 700℃; maximum pressure 42MPa.
12.The ability to measure the dirty medium (coke-oven gas, blast furnace gas, feed stock and residual oil)
13.The ability to measure gas and liquid two-phase medium (moisture and condensed water)

High Viscosity Liquid Mixed Solidliquid V Cone Flow Meter For Water Sewage Gas Steam 3


Product classification and application


A:for installation: Pipe welding, flange , wafer and plug-in.

B:for pressure measurement methods:pressure tap, face flange pressure tappings, plug-in male flange pressure tappings
C:for medium and condition:basic type, high temperature and pressure type, temperature and pressure compensation type, anti-corrosive type and anti-adhesion type.


2.Application: metallurgy, chemical industry, Chemical fiber industry, petroleum, nature gas, power supply, Hydraulic, mines, machinery, materials industry , city energy, environmental monitoring.



nominal diameter: φ15~φ2000, flow rate:≥0.1m/s, working pressure:-0.1MPa~42MPa, working temperature:-160℃~700℃, environmental temperature≤85℃.


4.Applicate for many kinds of fluid:

Besides of normal gas ,liquid and steam,it also applicate for all kinds of gas,liquid and steam with high dust ,high suspended solids,high viscosity, strong corrosive,crystallize and supersaturated.


5.Typical fluid:

gas liquid
Coal-gas: coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, city gas Oils: crude oil, fuel oil,emulsified oil, diesel fuel
Nature gas: ≥5% moisture content nature gas Water: raw water, drinking water, polluted water
Hydrocarbon gas alkanes, olefin Various aqueous solutions acid, lye, brine
Corrosive gases: hydrogen, helium, argon, oxygen
Organic chemicals: methanol,glycol,xylene
Air: hydrous air, dusty air, compressed air    
Flue gas: boiler flue gas,furnace flue gas    
Steam Special fluid
Saturated steam Oil +HC+sand
Superheated steam H20+CO2 etc.


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Sichuan VACORDA Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.is a professional production-manufacturing enterprise specialized in designing, producing and marketing of instruments and apparatuses. Our company has been established for 23 years since 1997 to grow up to be a team of high-quality, united, hard-working and truth-seeking characters. Solid foundation has been established.


Our company has got the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification in 2005, Import and export trading right in 2012, total 12 patents till 2016, the title of “national high-tech enterprise” and CE certificate for three categories product in 2014. Our company has owned trade marks as “vacorda”. At the same time, our company is preparing for more certificates for foreign market, such as IECEX, API, UL and so on, to lay a foundation for further international market.

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