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Smart Liquid Orifice Flow Meter With Pressure Transmitter

1 Piece/Pieces
$280.00 - $600.00 / Pieces
Smart Liquid Orifice Flow Meter With Pressure Transmitter
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Product Name: Orifice Flow Meter
Power Supply: 85~265VAC 45~63HZ
Chamber Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Repeatability Accuracy: +/-0.1%
Pipe Size: DN10~DN1200
Working Pressure: ≤ 42.0MPa
Certificate: ISO9001:2000
Output: 4-20mA
Medium Temperature: -40°C- 450°C
Connection Type: Flange Or Wafer Type
Port: Shanghai/Shenzhen
High Light:

orifice flow meter


oxygen flow meter

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: VACORDA
Certification: CE/TUV/ISO9001/SGS
Model Number: LG
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Month
Product Description

Smart Liquid Orifice Flow Meter With Pressure Transmitter


Product Description

In the pipeline full with fluid, a throttling elements orifice plate is installed. When the fluid flows, static pressure difference occurs on both upstream and downstream sides. By using differential pressure transmitter or gauge, the differential pressure value is converted into standard current signal or aero-pneumatic signal to show the flow or volume of the fluid on the displaying instruments. orifice plate flow meter consists of the orifice plate pilot pressure piping and differential pressure gauge or transmitter.

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Smart Liquid Orifice Flow Meter With Pressure Transmitter 1

(1)Nominal diameter: DN25-DN1000mm
(2)Accuracy: ±1%FS
(3)Measuring Range: Standard 1:13 Extension 1:30
(4)Working pressure: 42.0MPa
(5)Medium temperature: -40°C- 450°C
(6)Medium viscosity: 30CP (heavy oil)
(7)Βvalue: 0.2- 0.8
(8)Connection type: Flange or wafer type
(9)Flange standard:

DN600mm, PN2.0-PN26, HG20616; PN 32, HG20618

DN >600mm, PN2.0-PN15, HG20623 or customized

(10)Installation type: horizontal or vertical


Detailed Images

Smart Liquid Orifice Flow Meter With Pressure Transmitter 2

LG throttling gear is a primary device in a differential pressure flow measurement system, which consists of a throttle, a pressure-receiving device and a straight pipe section. Throttling device is divided into standard throttling device and non-standard throttling device, the one is coincident with IS05167 and GB/T2624 standard is the standard throttling device, the others are non-standard throttling deivce.
When the pipe filled fluid flows through the throttling device in the pipe, according to the law of conservation of energy and the equation of flow continuity, the stream will form a local contraction at the throttle, thereby increasing the flow rate, static pressure reduction, static pressure difference ΔP(or named differential pressure) before and after the throttle. The greater the flow rate of the fluid, the greater the differential pressure generated before and after the throttle, and the amount of fluid flow is measured by measuring the differential pressure before and after the throttle.
Standard throttling devices should normally be used whenever possible, and non-standard throttling devices can be used only when the fluid Reynolds number is small or contains impurities.
Smart Liquid Orifice Flow Meter With Pressure Transmitter 3
Technical Parameters
Nominal diameter:DN15~1200(More than 1200 negotiated orders)
Nominal pressure:≤42MPa
Installation method:Flange connection, Welded connection(or customized)
Pressure method: Corner connection pressure (ring chamber or separate drilling), Flange pressure, Span pressure or else
Straight pipe: Upstream5~10D,downstream2~5D

Throttling device classification
classification Pressure method Reference model Nominal diameter(mm) Nominal pressure(MPa) Diameter ratio
Orifice plate Small orifice plate Corner connection pressure LG-XH-40/25 15~40 1.0~42 0.1~0.7
Flange pressure LG-XF-40/25 25~40 1.0~42 0.15~0.7
Standard orifice Corner connection pressure LG-BH-320/100 50~400 1.0~42 0.23~0.8
LG-BH-100/65 50~250 1.0~42
LG-BH-63/50 15~150 1.0~42
LG-BZ-16/600 450~1600 0.6~2.5
LG-BZ-10/50 450~1000 0.6~1.6
Flange pressure LG-BF-25/300 50~750 1.0~20 0.25~0.75
LG-BZ-40/150 50~400 1.0~20
Span pressure LG-BJ-63/150 50~400 1.0~63
Built-in orifice LG-BFC-260/80 50~400 1.0~42
Double orifice LG-SH-16/100 25~400 1.0~10 0.19~0.82
1/4 round orifice LG-HH-160/100 25~400 1.0~26 0.32~0.71
Conical inlet orifice plate LG-VH-16/100 25~200 1.0~4.0 0.12~0.32
Round hole plate LG-QH-6/1000 50~1600 0.25~2.5 0.32~0.71
LG-QH-25/600 50~1400 0.25~2.5
Nozzle Small nozzle LG-MH-40/32 25~40 1.0~26 0.3~0.71
Standard nozzle LG-PH-40/150 50~600 1.0~32 0.30~0.8
LG-PH-63/200 50~600 1.0~32
Long neck nozzle LG-CJ-260/80 50~400 1.0~32 0.22~0.8
Venturi tube Venturi nozzle LG-LT-16/150 65~400 0.6~2.5 0.32~0.78
Classical venturi Machining LG-WT-6/200 50~600 0.6~40 0.38~0.75
Rough welding LG-WT-6/1200 200~2000 0.6~2.5 0.38~0.73


Small orifice plate, Small nozzle Reference size table

Pressure Level Size DN15 DN25 DN32 DN40
PN25 D 95 115 135 145
L 126 128 143 149
PN40 D 95 115 135 148
L 126 147 148 148
PN63 D 105 135 150 165
L 126 152 159 177
PN100 D 95 135 150 165
L 126 155 162 178

Note: The length L is based on the actual size, and the dimensions in the table are for reference only.

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Company Profile and Certificate

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