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Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass

1 Piece/Pieces
Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass
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Product Name: Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass
Warranty: 18 Months
Delivery: Express, Ship, Air
Measuring Range: 0~1400mm
Pressure: PN6~PN100
Display: Single, Double Color
Material: 304,316 L,1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9
Connection: Flange, Thread
Lifetime: 5-10 Years
Explosion Proof Grade: Exia II CT5Ga, Exd II BT5Gb
Port: Shanghai/Shenzhen
High Light:

sight glass level gauge


reflex glass level gauge

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Vacorda
Certification: ISO9001/CE/TUV/From-E
Model Number: HG5
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Week
Product Description

Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass
 Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass 0

Product Description

UGS series double-color quartz tube liquid level meter is composed of high purity quartz glass tube, explosion-proof angle valve, body and so on. The height of liquid and gas phase is shown in red and green respectively. It has the advantages of clear display, direct viewing, adjustable observation direction, simple structure, reliable operation and night observation with light source. Quartz liquid level tube can be easily wiped or flushed, angle valve in the steel ball in the quartz tube position accidental explosion automatically blocked the fluid passage, reduce or avoid accidents

1. Clear indication, good sealing
2. High working temperature: ≤+450°C
3. High working pressure: ≤PN100
4. Long lifetime, simple structure, easy cleaning and maintenance
5.There are two steel ball in the valve at the both sides. When quartz tube happened to explosion, Steel balls can automatically block channel to avoid liquid flow away if the pressure difference between inside and outside is above 0.3Mpa.
1.Single color quartz tube level gauge
2. Bi-color quartz tube level gauge
3. Non-blind area bicolor quartz tube level gauge
4. Anticorrosive bicolor quartz tube level gauge (polypropylene, PTFE lining)
Technical parameters

Recommended center-center distance:

300, 500, 800, 1100, 1400,1700,2000mm(custom made)

Indicate mode:

single color, bicolor(red as vapor phases, green as liquid)


carbon steel, 304,316L, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9, 304 with PTFE lining

Nominal pressure:


304 +PTFE≤PN40


Working temperature:

carbon steel ≤350°C

Stainless steel ≤450°C

304+PTFE ≤200°C


Drain valve:

drain needle valve (or customize)

Vent valve: 

vent needle valve (or customize)

Process flange:

DN20/RF HG/T 20592-09 

The heat steam interface:

ZG1/2"male screw thread

The heat steam pressure:


Eclectic heating:

self-limiting temperature heating (unnecessary for anticorrosive type)

Steel ball self-closing pressure:


Power supply: 

24V DC, 36V AC

Environment temperature: 


Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass 1

Technical parameters:

Recommended center-center distance:

300, 500, 800, 1100, 1400,1700,2000mm(custom made)


Indicate mode: single color, bicolor(red as vapor phases, green as liquid)
Material: carbon steel, 304,316L, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9, 304 with PTFE lining
Nominal pressure: PN6-PN100(×0.1MPa)
304 +PTFEPN40
Working temperature: carbon steel 350°C
Stainless steel 450°C
304+PTFE ≤200°C
Drain valve: drain needle valve (or customize)
Vent valve: vent needle valve (or customize)
Process flange: DN20/RF HG/T 20592-09
The heat steam interface: ZG1/2"male screw thread
The heat steam pressure: 1.0Mpa
Eclectic heating: self-limiting temperature heating (unnecessary for anticorrosive type)
Steel ball self-closing pressure: 0.3Mpa
Power supply: 24V DC, 36V AC
Environment temperature: -50~+80°C
Detailed Images

glass tube level gauge details


Workshop and Procesing

Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass 3


Water Meter Accuracy Oil Level Sight Glass 4


Working principle: It consists of two parts: a magnetic indicator and a float. The magnetic indicator is composed of a red and white magnetic flipping column or a magnetic flipping card and a guard plate equipped with a small magnetic steel. When the floating ball equipped with magnetic steel moves up and down with the liquid, the beam magnetic field of the permanent magnet in the floating ball turns the magnetic turning column 180°. When the liquid level rises, the turning column turns from white to red. It turns from red to white to indicate the height of the liquid level. (The color of the flop and the flop can be different, such as blue and red or black and white, etc.). When it is necessary to transmit output, install a reed switch or magnetic sensor transmitter parallel to the magnetic indicator to realize the remote transmission of 4-20mA or 0-10mA current signal; equipped with a liquid level alarm switch, and The upper and lower limits of the liquid level can be alarmed.

Feature: In addition to on-site instructions, it can also be equipped with remote transmitters, alarm switches, and control switches with complete detection functions. The indication is novel, the reading is intuitive and eye-catching. The indicating mechanism is completely isolated from the measured medium, so it has good sealing, high reliability and safe use. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance cost is low. Corrosion resistance, no power supply, explosion-proof. According to the different installation positions in the container, there are two types of side mounting and top mounting.

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