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Digital Output Intelligent Gas Air Water Metal Tube Rotameter

Digital Output Intelligent Gas Air Water Metal Tube Rotameter
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Accuracy: Standard:1.5; Special: 1.0
Measuring Range: Water:1-200000L/H(20℃),Air: 0.03~6000m3/h (20℃, 0.1013MPa)
Material: SS304,316,316L,321,304 Lined With PTFE,Hastelloy,Ti
Diameter: DN15/25/40/50/80/100/150/200
Power Supply: Standard: 24VDC; Battery Type:3.6V Lithium Battery(3 Years Lifetime)
High Light:

rotameter type flow meter


metal tube variable area flow meter

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: vacorda
Certification: ISO9001/CE/TUV/From-E
Model Number: ZDK400-LM-70
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 7-15 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30PCS/WEEK
Product Description

Digital Output Intelligent Gas Air Water Metal Tube Rotameter

Digital Output Intelligent Gas Air Water Metal Tube Rotameter 0

Product Description

Metal tube flowmeter consists of measuring tube, float, indicator and process connection components with the characteristics of small size, wide measuring range, easy installation. In the industry area, it is widely used to measure flow of gas, liquid and stream,especially suitable for mediums with low current velocity and low flow rate.Due to its excellent performance, reliability and competitive price, it is widely used in the fields of oil, chemical industry, steel manufacture, light industrial,water etc. Metal pipe flowmeter takes many different materials and is suitable for flowmeter measurement of all non-corrosive, corrosive and strong corrosive mediums.

 metal tube rotameter structure

Product Parameters

Measuring range



Air: 0.03~6000m3/h (20°C, 0.1013MPa)

Measuring range proportion

Standard: 10:1

Accuracy class

Standard:1.5; Special: 1.0

Pressure class

Standard:DN15~DN50≤4.0MPa; DN80~DN200≤1.6MPa


High pressure:DN15~DN50≤32MPa;DN80~DN200≤16MPa

Pressure loss


Medium temperature

Standard:-40°C~+100°C; PTFE:-50°C~+100°C


High pressure:110°C~+450°C

Medium viscosity

DN15:η<5mPa.s(F15.1~F15.3), η<30mPa.s(F15.4~F15.8)


DN25:η<250mPa.s; DN50~DN200:η<300mPa.s

Environment temperature

Remote type: -40°C~+85°C


On-the spot needle indicator: -40°C~+100°C

Connection type

Standard: DIN2501 standard flange; special: customize

Wiring connection

M20×1.5 female thread

(1/2NPT female thread for Exd explosion-proof)

Power supply

Standard: 24VDC two-line 4~20mA(12VDC~32VDC)


Warning type:24VDC four-line 4~20mA(18VDC~18VDC)


AC type:85~265VAC 50HZ


Battery type:3.6V 7.5AH lithium battery(3 years lifetime)

Loading resistance feature

Two-line: max loading resistance=50×(voltage-12)Ω=600Ω 24V


Multi-line: max loading resistance 500Ω

Warning signal output

Reed pipe warning switch output, upper limit and lower limit flow warning

(contact capacity 1A 30VDC)


electric relay output(contact capacity 1A 30VDC, 0.25A 250VAC,0.5A 125VAC)

pulse output

Min space 50ms

(max loading 100mA 30VDC, internal resistance 100Ω)

LCD display

Instantaneous flow display scope:0~50000


Total flow display scope: 0~99999999

Protection grade


Explosion-proof grade

Exia II CT5Ga   Exd II BT6Gb

Product Features

1.Single axle, smart display, high reliability, easy maintenance, long life time.

2.Less requirement on the tube.

3.Flow ratio:10:1, special type: 20:1.

4.Suitable for measurements of mediums with small pipe and low flow rate.

5.LCD display, displaying instantaneous flow and whole flow at same time.

6.Non-contacting magnetic coupling transmission.

7.Metal structure, suitable for strong corrosive mediums and environments with high temperature, high pressure and flammable and explosive conditions.

8.Two-wire available, battery and AC supply to choose.

9.Multiple parameters calibration function, data restoration and back-up, power-fail protection function.

Detailed Images


In order to prevent the rotor from touching the wall when moving up and down the center line of the tapered tube, two methods are usually used: one is to install a guide mandrel in the center of the rotor to keep the rotor on the center line of the tapered tube. Moving up and down, the other is that there is a chute on the edge of the rotor disc. When the fluid flows through the rotor from bottom to top, it will bypass the rotor on the one side and generate a reverse thrust through the chute at the same time, so that the rotor will not rotate around the centerline. When it stops rotating, it can keep the rotor from hitting the tube wall during working. The rotor material of the rotameter can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, etc.



Workshop and Certificate

Digital Output Intelligent Gas Air Water Metal Tube Rotameter 5

Digital Output Intelligent Gas Air Water Metal Tube Rotameter 6







Q: The new magnetic flap liquid level gauge can't show liquid level?
A: 1.check whether there is block in by pass pipe 2.check the the density of medium 3.check whether the float ball is stucked by float ball.

Q: The longest length of magnetic flap liquide level gauge?
A: the length is customized,but in order to be convenient for transport,if the length is over 6m,we recommend

Q: If the float ball is installed at the wrong opposite direction,what's the influence?
A: reading level will be higher than true level,usually higher by length of floatball-70mm

Q: What's installation details of magnetic flap liquid level gauge ?
A: 1.before installation,check specification with label plate. 2.There shouldn't magnetic field within 400m

Q: There is problem in output signal 4--20mA?
A: 1.Check working power supply 2.check wiring 3,check load resistance 4.verify measuring range,zero point

Q: what's specification we need to know before purchasing magnetic flap liquid level gauge?
A: medium density,working temperature,working pressure,material,flange center to center distance,flange standard,whether need 4--20mA output signal;wether need level alarm

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