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Ultrasonic Level Sensor Working Principle

January 17, 2020

Latest company news about Ultrasonic Level Sensor Working Principle

The working principle of this product is that the energy wave is transmitted through a device that can transmit an energy wave (generally a pulse signal). The energy wave is reflected by an obstacle and a reflected signal is received by a receiving device. The change of the level is determined according to the time difference of the measured energy wave motion process. The microwave signal is processed by the electronic device, and finally converted into an electrical signal related to the level. The probe transmits an ultrasonic pulse signal to the surface of the measured medium once. The ultrasonic wave is reflected after encountering the measured medium (obstacle) during the transmission. The reflected ultrasonic signal is detected by the electronic module and processed by special software to analyze the transmitted ultrasonic wave and the return wave. The time difference of the wave, combined with the propagation speed of the ultrasonic wave, can accurately calculate the ultrasonic wave propagation path, and then can reflect the situation of the material level.

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Application scope and characteristics: The powerful analysis capability of the micro-processing unit in the electronic module part of this product can optimize the correct echoes and exclude false or false echoes, so that accurate values can be obtained. At the same time, this product has stable performance, low price and high accuracy. It has the functions of simultaneous output of analog, switching and digital signals, and a waterproof shell, which is suitable for liquid level detection in general occasions. Its main chip adopts industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer, digital temperature compensation and related special integrated circuits. It has strong anti-interference ability. It can set (upper and lower) the upper and lower limits and online output adjustment. It also has on-site display and analog quantity. Switch output, which can be easily connected with the host.

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In addition, this product uses a professional ultrasonic small-angle probe, which has large transmission power, high sensitivity, long life, and long measurement distance; the upper and lower limits of any point can be set, and the inverted value can be set. Can be used to automatically compensate for the interference of steam, dust and moisture. In addition to being applicable to liquid / solid, it can also be used for uninterrupted material / level control, tank, storage tank, uninterrupted material / level measurement storage room, granary Wait.

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