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Talking about the solution to the sudden jump of the radar level gauge

October 25, 2021

Latest company news about Talking about the solution to the sudden jump of the radar level gauge

1. Failure type:
The radar level gauge shows a sudden jump when the gas tank is working.
2. Types of instruments:
Radar level gauge
3. Manufacturer Model:
Broccoli 5100 Xi'an Dinghua Electronics Co., Ltd.
Four, introduction to conditions of use:
Acrylic container, 17 meters in length.
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Five, failure phenomenon:
The instrument displays a trip. As you can see in the trend graph, the red lines often have protrusions.
6. Security before disposal:
Because the propylene gas tank is a dangerous place, when the instrument suddenly jumps, you should first confirm whether there are people entering the detector on the spot, and issue a work ticket before entering to ensure the safety of the personnel.
Seventh, the idea of ​​analyzing and judging the cause of the failure:
In the initial stage of installation of the radar instrument, during the normal process operation, the display sudden jump phenomenon often occurs. After communicating with the manufacturer’s technicians, I learned that there are usually several possibilities for the sudden jump of the radar level meter:
1. Improper installation position causes echo distortion;
2. The material level fluctuates violently, causing the echo signal to be unstable;
The attachments on the surface of the sensor can cause problems such as poor echo signals.
According to the actual installation situation on site, the material surface of the gas tank is external floating roof, outward floating roof, the surface is smooth and flat, and there are no obstacles directly under the installation position, and installation problems are eliminated; the instrument is suspended in the air, does not touch any medium, and does not exist The problem of adhesion of attachments; excessive vibration when feeding the gas tank, affecting its installation; after communicating with the manufacturer, replacing the instrument with echo tracking function solved this problem.
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8. Ways to effectively deal with failures:
Because the outer floating roof will vibrate strongly when the gas tank is fed, the vibration is too large, and signal loss is prone to occur. It can be concluded that the instrument bounce is caused by the difference of the received echo signal. Choose a radar level gauge with echo tracking function to solve this problem.
Attention should be paid during installation:
1. Try to set up a radar above the flat part of the floating roof to avoid false reflections;
2. The level gauge cannot be installed in the center of the arched tank to cause false dial reinforcement, and it cannot be installed close to the tank wall. It needs to be installed at 1/2 of the radius of the container.
Ninth, failure prevention measures and improvements:
When selecting the radar level timing, special attention should be paid to the state of the measured medium. For working conditions with severe liquid level fluctuations, a radar level meter with echo tracking is used. Naturally, the radar level gauge with the echo tracking function also has the disadvantage of increasing the blind area, and this function only exists on the non-contact radar level gauge, but the radar level gauge does not have this function.

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