Magnetic Float Ball Level Gauge (Level Switch)

January 10, 2020

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Main principle: The structure of the magnetic float ball level gauge (level switch) is mainly designed and produced based on the principles of buoyancy and static magnetic field. The position of the floating ball with a magnet (referred to as the floating ball) in the measured medium is affected by buoyancy: the change of the liquid level causes the position of the magnetic float to change. The role of the magnet and sensor (reed switch) in the floating ball changes the number of components (such as fixed resistance) connected in series to the circuit, which in turn changes the electrical quantity of the instrument circuit system. That is, changes in the position of the magnetic float cause changes in the electrical quantity. The change of the electrical quantity is detected to reflect the liquid level in the container.

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The level gauge can directly output the resistance value signal, and also can use the transmission module to output the current value (4-20mA) signal; meanwhile, it can cooperate with other converters to output voltage signals or switching signals (also can be converted according to customer requirements Company distribution). In order to realize the remote transmission, analysis and control of electrical signals. Application scope and characteristics


This product uses high-quality magnets and imported electronic components, so that the product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, stable performance, long service life, easy installation and maintenance.

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This product can be applied to almost any level measurement and control in industrial automation process control. It can be widely used in petroleum processing, food processing, chemical industry, water treatment, pharmaceutical, power, papermaking, metallurgy, shipbuilding and boiler fields. Level measurement, control and monitoring.

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