Lighting protection about vortex flowmeter

May 10, 2019

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or places with more thunderstorms weather, it is important that how to prevent lightning damage to the vortex flowmeter , here we will talk about this as followings:



The hazards caused by the lightning on the vortex flowmeter:


1. Lightning will burn the instrument through the power part of the intrusion;


2. Lightning generated at the same time with a strong magnetic field , the instrumentation electronic components produce magnetic induction, and instantly generate strong voltage and current, it will breakdown insulation and instrument.


3. Lightning pulse wave will burn the communication chip or instrument through the wireless network intrusion the vortex flow meter.


vortex flow meter

(Vortex flow meters)


Lightning protection is difficult to implement, mainly the following problems:



1. Instrumentation is usually installed in the places with less people and the road is difficult to go


2. Heat pipe is very long, both has overhead and buried way.


3. Users are generally in the development zone, farther from the thermal power plant location, sparsely populated, overhead lines relative to the object of lightning.


4. Urban heating is mainly hotels, bathrooms, etc., where the earth is relatively serious environmental pollution, soil electrolyte concentration is high, easy to be lightning.


5. Instrumentation and instrumentation boxes are usually installed outdoors. Wind and rain, easily oxidized by rust, grounding effect is getting worse. High-altitude erection of the wire is the object of lightning, GPRS wireless meter reading system, where the remote communication vulnerable to shock caused by lightning and damage to the instrument.



Aspects of work to be improved are as follows:


1. The development of work plans and management system, in the annual thunderstorm season before the installation of all users to do regular inspection vortex flowmeter.


2. Measuring all the grounding device, should meet the safety requirements. If it is found that the grounding resistance value has great changes, the grounding system should be a comprehensive inspection, if necessary, fill the ground pile.



3. the conductor of lightning protection device parts due to corrosion or other causes break, corrosion of more than 30%, must be replaced.


4. Check the ground around the device whether the soil subsidence phenomenon.



vortex flowmeters

(Vortex flow meters)


The usual lightning strike scheme:


External lightning protection. Including lightning rod, lead wire, grounding pole and so on. Internal lightning protection. Install the appropriate lightning protection device at the front end of the device which need protection. Let the equipment, lines and the earth form a conditional equipotential body.



The two complement each other are indispensable. External lightning protection system to protect the building body from lightning, and internal lightning protection is to prevent the induction of lightning and other forms of over-voltage damage to the equipment, which is the external lightning protection can not be guaranteed. Vortex flowmeter lightning protection work is a permanent workand need to constantly explore and improve work efficiency and the management level of measurement .

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