Advantages Of Glass Rotor Flowmeters

March 9, 2020

Latest company news about Advantages Of Glass Rotor Flowmeters

Uses and advantages of glass rotor flowmeters


Glass rotor flowmeters are mainly used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, medicine, fertilizer, chemical fiber, food, dye, environmental protection and scientific research departments to measure the flow rate of single-phase non-pulsating (liquid or gas) fluids. Corrosive glass rotor flowmeter is mainly used for the detection of the flow of corrosive liquids and gaseous media, such as the detection of the flow of strong acids, strong bases, oxidants, strong oxidizing acids, organic solvents and other corrosive gas or liquid media.



1. Object for measuring liquid. That is to measure the type of medium, pressure, and chemical properties. Such as liquid media, gas media, for corrosive media should choose a corrosion-resistant flowmeter.


2. The performance of the flow meter itself. After the above conditions are determined, generally speaking, if there is no major change in price, the needle valve can be replaced first and placed on the upper part of the instrument; the one with a penetrating flow hole is a direct flow scale; the structure is simple; the external size is small and so on. If it is a small flow range, the ball float type can be used, because it is stable during measurement, it is not easy to accumulate dust, the accuracy is increased, and the interchangeability is good.


3. When the fluid flows through the cone from bottom to top, the lift force S generated by the fluid kinetic energy on the float and the buoyancy A of the fluid rise the float. When the sum of the lift force S and the buoyancy A is equal to the float's own gravity G, the float is in equilibrium and stabilized At these height positions, the scale on the cone indicates the flow value of the fluid.


4. Based on price target. Generally speaking, high precision is expensive. To select the accuracy level of the instrument according to the measurement purpose, if you only need to control the throughput of the measurement medium and adjust it after trial operation, you need to always stabilize the throughput in the future, then the accuracy is secondary.

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