Steam Digital Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vibration Resistant Easy Maintenance
1 Piece/Pieces
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Vacorda
Certification: CE/TUV/ISO9001/SGS
Model Number: HKD-
High Light:

vortex flow sensor


vortex air flow meter

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Supply Ability: 68 Piece/Pieces per Week
Application Range: (1) Gas; (2) Liquid; (3) Steam
Primary Measured Value: Flow Rate
Secondary Measured Value: Volume Flow
Connection: Flange: DN15-DN300;Wafer: DN15-DN300
Measurement Ratio: Standard -10:1
Operating Pressure: DN15...DN80: PN 25,Other Pressures On Request
Process Temperature: T3 Level: -20...+350°C
Flow Meter Accuracy: For Liquid: 1.0% Of Rate;For Gas And Steam: 1.5% Of Rate
Materials: Sensor And Flange SS304
Explosion Rating: ExdIIBT6
Port: Shanghai/shenzhen
Product Description

Steam Digital Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vibration Resistant Easy Maintenance


Vortex flow meter is designed for measuring the volume/mass flow of liquids, gases and steam based on Karman vortex principle. Adopting advanced differential algorithm along with measurement of isolation, shielding and wave filtering, vortex flow meters have the advantages of immunity on vibration and noise. Meanwhile, the liabilities of LUGB series vortex flow meters are well guaranteed by unique sensor packaging technology. Upon receipt, examine your meter for visible damage. The Vortex is a precision measuring instrument and should be handled carefully. Remove the protective plugs and caps for a thorough inspection. If any items are damaged or missing, contact us. Make sure the Vortex flow model meets your specific needs.

Steam Digital Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vibration Resistant Easy Maintenance 0



1. High accuracy and good repeatability

2. The detection element has no contact with the fluid, and has stable performance and high reliability.

3. The structure is simple and firm, movable parts, and reliable in long-term operation.

4. The measuring range is wide that can up to 1:10 (special up to 15).

5. The pressure loss is small, about 1/4~1/2 of the orifice flowmeter


Scope of application

It is widely used in large, medium and small types of pipeline drainage, industrial circulation, sewage treatment, oil and chemical reagents, and the measurement of compressed air, saturated, overheated steam, natural gas and other medium flow.


Steam Digital Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vibration Resistant Easy Maintenance 1

flange type flange clamping type


Product Parameters

(1)Measuring medium Liquid,gas,steam
(2) Medium velocity Luquid:0.5~7,gas:4~40,steam:7~70m/s
(3) Accuracy Liquid:1.0,gas:1.5,insertion type:2.5
(4) Nominal size

DN15~DN300(Pipe type,Gripping type)

DN150~DN2000(insertion type)

(5)Medium temperature -40℃~80℃,Middle temperature:-40℃~250℃,High temperature:-40℃~350℃
(6) Nominal pressure 1.0~6.3Mpa(>6.3 Customizable)
(7)Installation method Flange,Clamping,insertion
(8)Signal output Pulse+4-20mADC, RS485, HART
(9)Power Supply

12V,24VDC(Three line pulse output)

24VDC(Two wire power supply)

3.6V lithium 7.5AH battery,2year lifetime(on the spot display)

(8) Electrical interface M20x1.5,1.2''NPT
(9) Body material 304.316L(Customizable)
(10)Head material Cast aluminum shell,Stainless steel shell(Customizable)
(11)Ambient temperature Tem:-20~60℃,relative humidity: 5%~90%

(12)Protection grade IP65


(13) Explosion-proof grade EX II BT4Gb, EXI II aBT4Ga


Detailed Images





Steam Digital Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vibration Resistant Easy Maintenance 2Steam Digital Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vibration Resistant Easy Maintenance 3






air(Standard state)


15 0.6~6.0 6~40
20 1.0~8.0 8~50
25 1.3~13 10~80
32 1.5~15 14~120
40 3~30 25~250
50 4~40 30~300
65 6~60 50~500
80 13~130 80~800
100 20~200 20~1200
125 36~360 160~1600
150 50~500 250~2500
200 100~1000 400~4000
250 150~1500 600~6000
300 200~2000 1000~10000


Cautions for installation

Steam Digital Vortex Steam Flow Meter Vibration Resistant Easy Maintenance 4

When the vortex flowmeter installed after the pressure reducing valve, the wet saturated steam suddenly more substantial decompression, adiabatic expansion of the fluid, the evaporation of the water droplets, while absorb the heat of vaporization from the liquid and vapor phase, the temperature of the vapor liquid decreases. If the temperature reduce not much or high humidity before evaporation, it will quickly reduce the temperature to the new pressure corresponding to the saturation temperature, and establish a new balance, now the steam is still saturated steam; If the pressure reduce so much or the low humidity before evaporation, because of the droplet evaporates, the temperature is still more that the saturation temperature corresponding to the new pressure.

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